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FREE shipping for orders over £20

Easy Card Tricks Video Course By Sean Heydon - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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In this course Sean Heydon reveals 9 of his most powerful card tricks that anybody can learn, as well as some extra moves and card magic secrets that all card magicians must master.



You’ll get instant access to the course videos so you can start performing right away! The course ebook gives you access to each of the training videos, plus extra tips and advice.

There’s a whole load of tricks to get you started today. 

You’ll love this easy card magic course. Suitable for all ages and a greast place to start leaning magic the right way from a professional.

The tricks are easy to learn, you need no skill or prior experience and you will amaze your friends and family.


Sean Heydon 


Why It's Such a Good Magic Course 

Easy to Do 

No Skill Needed

No Equipment Required