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Memoraid by Chris Rawlins



"This is brilliant! I'm a complete beginner and now look like a master memory expert. There are so many tricks you can do with this set and the tutorial is easy to follow, It's basically addictive!. Another winner from my favourite magic shop Merchant of Magic. - Mark K



MEMORAID is your new secret weapon that will transform you into a memory master. The best part is that this very special prop does all the work for you. You will be able to look like you have the world's best memory, whilst using none of it.

Designed to look and function like a real memory game, Memoraid allows you to easily demonstrate the superpower of perfect recall.

This is an image deck that makes sense. With no expense spared on design, development or manufacture, the quality of Memoraid is exceptional.

Your spectators can shuffle the cards and even drop them and you’ll still always be ready to amaze. Memoraid is also a real game that you can actually play with friends or family, leave this around the house you’ll be ready to blow people away at a moments notice.


Perfect for beginners - Powerful for Professionals

Each deck contains 50 gorgeous custom Images, half of which are beautifully coloured, the other half are black & white. Each card is intricately marked in multiple ways. These marks are invisible to your audience and crystal clear to you. Plus 2 instruction cards that outline the playable game rules and The Ultimate Memory Test. All housed within a perfectly designed and manufactured box.

Harry Lorayne was my mentor, and I saw him perform his memory feats for a lay audience – that’s when I learned that memorization demonstrations can captivate an audience. I am truly looking forward to the release of Memoraid. - David Regal

The instructions are an masterclass themselves and run for 88 minutes and filmed in studio. During which you will learn:

The Ultimate Memory Test - My go to Memory Demonstration when I want to impress. Over 3 progressive phases you demonstrate your incredible ability to memorise the shuffled game cards in unbelievable detail. This routine alone could make your reputation.

Grid Memory - A 3 phase routine that could not be easier but one that hits hard and feels different.

Memory Master Game - I teach you how to play the game *and how to always win!

Thats only half of it.

I then teach you how to use Memoraid as a tool that allows for extremely easy and impossible Mind Reading. This covers reading the minds of 1,2 or 3 spectators with absolute ease. You will learn how to know which image a spectator chooses to remove and places in their pocket when they are out the room! And also a no memory system you can apply to Memoraid that I call a Linguistic Svengali.

That’s not all… I am also including a Rapid Fire Bonus Section during which I share many other ideas and uses that I have experimented with using Memoraid.


Memoraid is: Logical, Justified, Beautiful, Deceptive, Easy, Amazing and Tasteful.