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The Mind Cube



"There's not many things I carry in my pocket everywhere, but the Mind Cube is always with me now. I'm just a beginner, so revealing someone's thoughts is magic I never thought I would be able to do. I highly recommend this' - Mark K


The Mind Cube can reveal card values, ESP symbols, Yes or No answers and other secret thoughts...

You have someone pick a card and have it returned to the deck. Now simply show them a little Plexiglas cube, which they see is completely transparent.

Just give it a shake, and magically, the image of the chosen card will appear in it. You revealed their thought!

At the end, the cube can be handed out for examination, and there will be no trace of the image that had mysteriously appeared!


Easy For Beginners

Powerful for Professionals

As well as the mind cube measuring 2cm (0,78”) on each side, that is set ready to perform right away... you will also be able to change the image the cube reveals. Using the materials provided, you can have the mind cube reveal a range of cards, Yes/No, Esp symbols, and numbers.  It can be built into so many other tricks.  

Easy to do!
Perform right away!
Great Quality!
Easy instructions for complete beginners