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Magic Shop Price Match Promise

Orders over £50 qualify for FREE UK shipping! Shipping will automatically set to £0 at the checkout. 

If you see any identical product advertised elsewhere, we will price match it for you AND include a bonus free gift! 

Simply contact us using the message app in the bottom right of any page, and tell us where you saw it, and we will either match or try to BEAT the price for you! or place your order and add: Price Promise - [Name of the other magic shop] in the comments box at the checkout. We will contact you to arrange a refund of the difference. aims to offer you the very latest magic products with impossibly high levels of customer service! We know that our reputation is only as good as the promises we keep, so it's essential to us that you feel great about our range, are delighted with our customer support and totally stunned at how fast we get your order to you. We want to go one step further and make sure you know your getting the very best deal possible!


If you see any identical product advertised elsewhere we will price match it for you AND include a bonus free gift!

We constantly compare the market, to ensure that you get the very best prices when you visit us at You will not find any 'checkout tricks' in our shop. We NEVER bump up the price, only to discount it as a 'special sales price'.  We don't discount the price, then add it back on as 'shipping' (In fact we offer a FREE shipping option as well as our price promise!) 

However, should you find something cheaper elsewhere, please contact us - Tell us where you saw it and we will either match or try to BEAT the price for you!



Only items from reputable retail magic dealers qualify, as we are unable to match wholesalers or wholesale pricing. If you spot an identical item somewhere else, that has a cheaper list price. Please find out first what the TOTAL PRICE is, including shipping, and all the additional 'hidden' charges and fee's that may be bumped on at the checkout. 

Let's say you see an item on for £15.00 but you find it listed on another site for £12.00. Find out the total price including shipping that you will be charged for the order.  (You may find that information on their website if you go through to their checkout) That is the TOTAL PRICE that we promise to match or beat. You may be very surprised to find it's a LOT higher than our total price!

The TOTAL price is the price you pay after all shipping, handling, and taxes are applied by the other dealer.

We may refund you the price difference back to your card or Paypal account or we may issue you the discount in the form of an online credit voucher. So if you found an item £4.00 cheaper elsewhere, we would send you an online voucher code to give you a £4.00 credit off your next order with us. That way, you get the best possible price, and we get the chance to be of service to you again in the future. We are both happy!



  • The item must be identical
  • The other supplier must be a reputable retail magic dealer. We will always try to price match international dealers whenever we can. Sometimes different tax, import, and economies make that impossible. It's always worth asking though, as we will do our best. 
  • The item is not wholesale or at wholesale pricing
  • The price must be the TOTAL PRICE including shipping, tax's etc
  • The item must be IN STOCK  (anyone can advertise something cheaper if they don't actually have it!)
  • The item is not a clearance or final sale item dropping until all quantities are sold.
  • The Price Promise cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

Thanks for supporting our magic shop