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About Us is the online face of The Merchant of Magic, the UK's largest and most respected magic shop!

The Merchant of Magic
7 Brook Court, Brook Street, 
Bishops Waltham, Southampton, Hampshire. SO32 1AX
Doors Open Monday - Friday 12noon - 5pm
How to Find The Magic Shop

We supply and manufacture magic tricks, books, DVDs and accessories to both professional and amateur magicians worldwide.

Our team of dedicated magicians aim to combine the best selection of high quality magic, FAST delivery and expert friendly advice. We hold a range of over 25,000 magic tricks permanently in stock, and because we order weekly from suppliers worldwide, we have access to thousands of additional items with just a few days order time. This just about covers every branch and discipline of magic.


The Merchant of Magic Shop UK 

Inside the UK Magic Shop

All our sales team are full members of the world famous Magic Circle and are professional Magicians, so if you need advice, our trained experts are ready to help. We are also a member of The UK Magic Dealers Association, so you can be assured we offer the very highest level of service and quality expected from a professional Magic Dealer.



 Dominic Reyes

Dominic Reyes is a professional magician and founder of The Merchant of Magic. He has been performing magic for adult audiences for over 25 years. As well as helping some of the top performers in the UK, he advises for both television and film.

More about Dominic here:

" is all about customer service. Our website gives me the opportunity to give customers a service that is very hard to achieve face to face. Before becoming a dealer, I would be so excited about visiting my favorite magic shop. But I knew that I couldn't just walk in and ask the staff to sit with me exclusively and demonstrate each and every item in the shop again and again. The internet is really just one of our sales advisors, an advisor who is totally committed to giving each customer its undivided personal attention and can, without being interrupted provide hundreds of magic demonstrations. You can actually chat to it too! (well, you have to type 01273 903916 on your phone. It's actually myself or one of the sales team, but we are happy to put on a robotic voice if it will add to the experience.)- Dominic Reyes



Lee Sutton Magician 

 Lee Sutton is an accomplished close-up magician and lead trainer at Merchant of Magic. Lee runs most of the magic workshops. His extensive knowledge of magic and a keen eye for practical and entertaining effects, help ensure we only offer the BEST in magic from around the world. 

MoM is all about helping magicians develop, It's what sets us apart.. I know this personally because magic has given me the confidence to become the person I am. I want to build a relationship over time with each magician that trusts us enough to help them choose their performing material. To do that well, means giving a quality service. Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten!”. - Lee Sutton


Jason Dicks 


Jason Dicks studies the origins and historical development of magic, gaining a deeper understanding of its close link to psychology and human behaviour. He not only specialises in close-up magic, but Jason is also an accomplished mentalist. He's a highly-regarded Keynote Speaker focusing on using magic to improve team effectiveness. Jason is our 'in store mentalist' and provides advice and training for magicians wanting to develop this area of performance.

"It's so important that a magic shop is more than just a superstore for picking up the latest and greatest magic releases.. Building an act needs so much more... I've joined the team at Merchant of Magic because they share my passion in helping magicians discover, build and perform material that is right for THEM.. I have a focus on mentalism, and that has given me a greater appreciation of presentation above and beyond simply the mechanics of an effect. At MoM, I know that our relationship with the magicians we help is our biggest advantage.." - Jason Dicks




We understand that there is nothing worse than ordering a magic trick from a magic shop only to find out later that it is out of stock. Our magic shop has a live inventory, so if you order an item from either of our UK or US warehouses, we will tell you exactly how quickly you can expect to receive your order. 



One of the core principles of The Merchant of Magic is to provide a 'one stop shop' experience for our customers. If they do not see it in our magic shop or on the website, we will bend over backwards to get it in for them. This has really helped us develop long term relationships with our customers as we learn their preferences, performing styles and level of ability. We don't just promote our own magic exclusives so having a huge range to choose from actually gives us freedom to honestly advise if a particular effect is right for the person considering it. Our sales advisors are all professional magicians and members of the Magic Circle.



Our bricks and mortar magic shop, in the medieval market town of Bishops Waltham, Hampshire acts as a base for 'magic workshops' and personal tuition sessions.

When creating we wanted to take the concept of an online shopping experience and find ways to bring in as many aspects of a personal visit to our 'bricks and mortar' shop as we possibly could.  Regardless of whether you visit us online or attend one of our tuition workshops, your experience should be the same. A huge selection, expert impartial advice, same day dispatch, and free next day delivery.



Learning magic can be quite a challenge. There are lots of sources to learn how to do magic tricks, but very few good guides to help improve your practice and how you present your magic to the public.

The Merchant of Magic has asked professional magicians to give tips and advice for beginners on a wide range of problems magicians face when they start performing magic.



Would you like one of the magicians to answer your question?


  • Do you need help creating a flowing routine?
  • Want to find the most effective practice program?
  • Have a question about performing your magic to the public?
  • Not sure how to begin learning sleight of hand?
  • Need advice for handling spectators?
  • Looking for information on scripting, patter and presentation?


The team would love to hear from you, and will try to help you overcome the problem that might be holding you back from developing an a performer. The service is totally free, it's the magic shops way of paying back the magic community for the help and support it has given over the years, to help it grow.

We won't disclose the methods and secrets of a magic trick, but we will provide you expert advice to make mastering magic as easy for you as possible.