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Zero Pull Trio

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The Zero Pull Trio is the Ultimate pull device for magicians. It's clever design builds THREE individual  pulls into one single unit.. Each allowing you to do a range of impossible vanishes at your fingertips. 

With the Zero Pull Trio you can have THREE objects set up and ready to vanish at a moments notice and with an instant reset!

Perfect for professional magicians and hobbyists alike. The Pull does all the hard work for you, meaning you can focus on what's really important.. Looking like a miracle worker!!

The three pulls come preset to vanish a coin, a working mini sharpie, and a lighter. You're not limited there.. it's fully customisable to attached whatever you like. 

Best of all, it's easy to carry and takes up ZERO pocket space!

Matt Homer takes a detailed look at the Zero Pull Trio


The Zero Pull Trio Includes:

  • The three pull rig that's ready to attach to at a range of positions inside your jacket, or simply use pocket attachment, to quickly lock it onto your inside pocket.
  • 3 attached items ready to use:  Mini Sharpie - UK 10p Coin - Mini Lighter
  • Magnetic casino chip and UK 2p Coin
  • Additional Crocodile Clip and S Clip attachments 
  • Full instructions included.