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Cylinder and Coins By Yoichi Akamatsu



This is Cylinders and Coins by Yoichi Akamatsu, winner of the Ishida Tenkai Award.

Yoichi Akamatsu is a shadowy figure who, once he gives a lecture, is always seen by many of the Kansai region's leading performers. Even they, who have seen thousands of magic tricks, are genuinely surprised by Akamatsu's work and roar when they see his explanations. His effects are beyond the imagination, and his simple tricks make them possible. Everyone is jealous of his talent.

This Cylinders and Coins is another one of Akamatsu's representative works. The owner of Frenchdrop(Japanese famous magic shop), Mr. Shono, fell in love with it and asked Akamatsu to provide it to us this time.

The reason why Shono fell in love with it so much is clear. Among all the Cylinders and Coins, this one is without a doubt the best. There are many procedures in Cylinders and Coins. Each of them has its own purpose, and it is fun to study them. However, when it comes time to demonstrate them, even the experts are overloaded. It is very difficult.

Akamatsu's work does not have that burden. It is not too much to say that the burden is not reduced but completely eliminated. Even beginners of coin magic will be able to perform with a little practice. In addition, the appearance of the phenomenon is easy to understand, and the aim of the plot is purely expressed without being tainted. That is the reason for the rave reviews.

This time, in addition to the explanation of the procedure, we have included Mr. Akamatsu's discussion on cylinders and coins, as well as an extra video (only for viewers in Japan).

This is a work that I want to treasure and I hope you will treasure it too. We do not want it to be copied. I hope it will be loved and cherished by a very small number of people. I do not intend to make many of them. That is the meaning of this pricing.

We hope that this work will reach those who genuinely enjoy Akamatsu's ideas.

1 × Replica Morgan Stack Coins
4 × Replica Morgan
1 × Leather cylinder, inner diameter 40mm
1 × Wand (Luxury wooden wondo)
1 × storage case
cork diameter 20mm, thickness 5mm