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X-Way Pad - by Reg Blackwood - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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X-Way Pad is an easy-to-create pad for mind readers and magicians, that allows you to predict the outcome of a genuinely free choice. Your prediction is always correct.

No Nail Writer required
No Thumb Triter needed
No Double Writing

Nothing is written afterwards

Very easy to do

Create your X-Way Pad in minutes with simple modifications to an ordinary notepad

The X-Way Pad allows you to predict 1 of up to 12 outcomes, potentially more.


I bought this a few days ago and have been playing around with it. I like the concept very much and while performers at all levels will find it to be a very useful utility device, experienced mentalists will discover that there is a lot more that can be done with this than meets the eye. And the price is more than reasonable. -Bob Cassidy
I am sure I will be using this as part of a stage effect at some point.' -Paul Brook Mind Reader
The x-way pad is a great utility pad enabling you to correctly predict outcomes with cards or pretty much any presentation which requires you the performer, to make a prediction.
If you want a pad that is fool proof and perform effects or routines using pads to create predictions, the thought of words or drawing duplications this is it.
I have some crazy ideas spinning around my mind that Iím going to put to use with this little gem. -Rus Andrews

Just purchased this and I really like it. This is going to be used in my stage show, I already have a few routine ideas that will work perfectly with this. Very happy with my purchase!
I think this is ideal for Sw**i Op***r effects. I tend to use those a lot and now I have a great way of doing them.
-Stephen Ward, Paranormal Entertainer

 The instructions are clear enough with a detailed step-by-step of how to proceed in order to build X-way.
Itís a great bang for the buck and a solid idea, recommended.
-David Sena

If you are interested in a way to predict thoughts (Zodiac signs, Months) having nothing more than an apparent normal pad and any pen, you will enjoy this.
-Pablo Amira