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Wolfgangs Library Prediction

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If this trick reminds you of a classic, you are right, but it has been updated to add a fun twist to it making it into a new routine that gives it more stage time. It can now be done for a greater audience with many more participants.

The Color Block Escape trick has been a favorite of mine for many years because it never fails to get a reaction from a lay person, and it is super easy to do. I had it turned into a mini library and the blocks are now fashioned as books.

I wanted to use this trick more often, but I needed a reason to do so, and it needed to be a bigger effect.

A small box is introduced that is fashioned to look like a miniature library. When it is opened six books can be seen. They are removed and the audience can see that they each are different colors and cover a specific subject.

In my routine I explain that as my son went off to college, I had done some research into what might be the subjects that leave him with greatest income opportunities. A spectator than gets to select too of the subjects and all the books are returned to the library and secured with a bookmark. The spectator is told that the two subjects I had arrived at would fall out of the box when the lid is opened again. It would be a miracle if they were a match with his selection. Of course they are ...

Now, if you are working for a larger audience this effect can grow with your audience. You will need a three-way clear change bag to do the larger routine in addition to the supplied props. The beginning is as described above but instead of having one spectator assist you. You ask ten or twelve to write their favorite subjects on a small piece of paper and fold it. Collect the papers and have somebody draw two of the papers. When the books tipped out only the selected two will fall.

The Library Prediction is a well=made colorful prop with plenty of performance opportunities.

Books are approx. 2.5" x 2" x 0.75" and made from wood.