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Wired By Kevin Li - Street Magic Utility Device - INSTANT VIDEO DOWNLOAD


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Instant Video Download



Wired isn't just a single magic trick it's a special device made from everyday objects that you can carry with you everywhere. Wired was created by Kevin Li because he wanted to do magic wherever he was with just the common everyday items around him.


With Wired, you have an instant magic show at your disposal 24/7. To set up wired you will only need to spend a few seconds building special gimmick.  It's so easy that anyone can do it.

The instructional video gives you 20 minutes of clear easy to follow instructions, and three practical routines taught in full. You can then allow your imagination to take over, and see are the possibilities using this device.

By using just an ordinary paperclip you have a secret weapon that you can use for all manner of Street Magic and close-up magic effects.

Some of the best features about "Wired":

  • No shims
  • No magnets
  • No loops or thread
  • No pulls
  • No crazy hookups
  • No elastics
  • No sticky stuff
  • Option to end clean!
  • Any kind of trousers are suitable for use with wired.

Wired by Kevin Li Instant Download


'My better half purchased this for me this evening. The simplicity of the special gimmick and its endless possibilities for any street magician was more than worth its low download price.
It was also good to see that young magicians are coming up with there own ideas and developing them for the magic market place.
Kevin Li is one who this old magician will be keeping both eyes and ears open for more from his creative mind Well done to Him. For restaurants used and healed sugar packet is a effect of my own I will be performing with this utility item again to Kevin Li. I say well done.' - Michael Lyth