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Vox Box by MagicSmith

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A ring is borrowed and vanished at your fingertips. Then with no moves or loads, you pick up your empty card box - which has been visible the entire time - shake it, and THE RING IS HEARD RATTLING INSIDE THE BOX! Dump out the ring and hand it back! It's an incredible illusion!

Manufacturer Says

There's no limit to the number of items you can vanish, only to have reappear inside this amazing box - keys, coins, signed folded cards, bills, whatever! There's no weird-looking props. It's a completely examinable Bicycle brand card box with an invisible gimmick built in it - so it won't take up any additional space in your pocket!

What You Get

The VOX BOX is a precision-made card case and comes with full instructions, plus fantastic routines! 

John Kennedy's Lightning in a Box - A borrowed ring instantly vanishes from your fingers and immediately appears in your card case! 

Card to Box - A spectators signed selection appears inside your card case! It's the perfect ending to your ambitious card routine! 

Gregory Wilson's Rings True - A borrowed ring is placed in the box, and then vanishes while the box is in the spectator's hands! 

Eric Maurin's Sixth Sense - A penny vanishes from a spectator's hand and materializes in your card case!