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Urban Legend - By Michael Paul - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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Urban Legend aka The Legend of Albert Walker


Get ready for one of the most disturbing, cutting edge, heart stopping effects you'll ever add to your show! For years, Michael Paul has closed his close up sets at Monday Night Magic in NYC with "Urban Legend", and left the crowds speachless... now this memorable piece of theatre can be yours. Just in time for Halloween... this is your chance to perform the ultimate strung razor blade routine, either up close and personal, or on the largest stage.

Your download arrives instantly (no waiting at all), and includes not only the 30 page pdf file, but also a photo file, complete word for word script file for easy memorization, and a royalty-free, studio-produced soundtrack... ready to go right into your show!

So what exactly is this??? -

At it's most basic this is a take on the effect of swallowing a number of razors and a length of string, and having you remove the thread which is seen to have all the razors you seemingly just swallowed threaded on.
This is a nice fresh take on that piece.

The effect/routine -

I do not want to give away too much on this piece as the way it's been routined is simply brilliant and I feel it's only fair to keep that for those who purchase, but the actual effect is of swallowing a couple of razor blades and a length of floss and then reproducing them from your mouth with the blades being tied onto the floss.
Unlike what is the norm for this kind of thing, you will only be swallowing 2 razors, but the overall effect I feel is far superior to what has come before, and using only 2 blades feels a lot better and is actually stronger in my opinion.
Anyway I don't want to go into exactly why and how as that's part of what you'll be paying for, but trust me, this is really good stuff.


Due to the dangerous nature of this effect, this release is being offered for informational purposes only. By downloading "Urban Legend", user/performer agrees to assume all responsibility for injury. Perform at your own risk. Not suitable for under 18's.



What you receive -

A 30 page pdf manuscript detailing the workings and the like, a 2 page pdf script for use with this piece, an accompanying musical piece for use during the routine, and a folder containing 16 colour photos.

The 30 page pdf manuscript: One thing I can be sure of when it comes to a manuscript from Michael Paul is that it will be of fantastic quality... The explanations, layout, and writing in general all get top marks from me.
No pics are inside this 30 page manuscript but fear not, Michael has included a seperate folder containing 16 clear colour photos... more than enough to fully get to grips with everything.

The 2 page pdf file: This is a seperate pdf which contains a script for use with Urban Legend (UL), a lead-in.
This script is also within the main manuscript.
I'll talk more about the script at a later point, but I have to say it is really good.

The photo folder: The photos within this folder are all colour, and are of great quality.
Though not needed as the explanations have been done very well, I was very happy to see these pics to get a full understanding of everything and to see certain things for myself other than what was my way of interpreting them.
I can say for sure that these are a very welcome addition and I think will help everyone get a full picture of how things should be done.

The Music file:  Great work on this, feels like it'll fit the routine perfectly.
Great work with the music.

Manuscript + additional files overall: Excellent, no need to really say anymore other than well done, this has had a lot of thought and work done on it, and it really does show.

Performance suitability -

UL is suitable for many performing situations and environments, from stage and parlour, to close-up and street. Sure you won't be doing this impromptu etc, but I cannot really see how this wouldn't be workable in most instances.
The holder for the blades is small, cheap, natural looking and easy to transport, and so basically anywhere you can take that you can perform... and this gives you a lot of freedom in where you'll be able to use it.
The holder is easily held within one hand, and so finding enough space to lay it will not be a problem.

The scripting -

I just wanted to say that the lead-in script that Michael has put together is really cool, I think this is the first time I've ever actually commented on someones scripting, but I felt that it is done really well and so wanted to let it be known.
Great stuff, it's interesting and draws them in.

Set-up??? -

This does require a set-up, though it's not that much work and takes only a couple of mins.
The pay off for the little amount of time spent... MASSIVE.

Razor blades... sounds dangerous -

Well yes, anytime your working with things such as blades, needles, fire and the like, their is some form of risk, but then so can walking down the street or driving/riding a bike be.
As long as you perform as instructed, practice, become confident with the workings, and use common sense you should be fine and dandy.

Will I need to purchase anything to be able to perform -

You will be needing some razor blades and floss, plus the stand which can be found at most f*o* stores and costs next to nothing.

Difficulty -

I really don't know why I even include this part, I mean what's difficult for one may be near impossible for another and vice versa.
Anyone who wants to perform this WILL be able to.

Pros -

Very well routined, excellent handling.

Everything needed is affordable and easy to find.

Suitable for most performing environments, from stage to street.

Excellent story/lead-in script that really draws you in.

Nice visuals and direct.

Some excellent subtleties taught.

Simple mechanics allowing for focus to be put on performance.

You get a great musical track for use within the routine.

Nicely priced.

Cons -

Now though I myself am not worried, their is always some danger with this style of piece and so I can never be 100% safe.

Not impromptu.

Not suitable for all audiences... children.

My thoughts -

Im sure you can tell from all of my above comments that I really like this, and that'd be an understatement.
I have never before performed this kind of razor blade routine for various reasons, but not because I don't like the idea, it was more the way the effects/routines were themselves... I loved UL from the off, I agreed with all of M Paul's thoughts on what has come before and on his, and just felt like this was for me.
You'll know just how creative and clever MP is and how workable and strong his material is, and this is his best work yet without question.

If the idea of this effect/routine even slightly appeals to you then you have to pick this up as you'll definitely enjoy what is within, and if you are already itching to hear more on this and needed that little push to go grab it... well what are you waiting for, go now, run, click order... you won't be let down.

I have tried not to give away anything throughout this and hopefully I have not whilst still being informative and open, but if you still have any questions regarding this release then I have found that Michael Paul is a very approachable and helpful person and I'm sure he'll be happy to do what he can.

Overall -

A fantastic effect/routine that has had a lot of thought and work put into it.
Not only do you get the workings etc, but you also get a music track that was put together specifically for this, and that MP actually uses himself in his paid shows.
It really is excellent, and though won't appeal to all, those who are interested should pick this up asap.
I highly recommend this without hesitation.