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Untold - By Peter Duffie - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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 Seven Down

...a chosen card appears face up at a randomly selected number - it then suddenly changes into a second selection.


Draw Poker

A spectator removes 5 cards at random from the deck. You then remove 5 cards. Finally a 3rd spectator shuffles the deck and removes 5 cards. When you each reveal your hand, you've each got an A-K-Q-J-10 Straight.  A draw!



A variation on Roy Walton's Cascade. This version is designed for Jumbo cards, but any cards can be used.


8 greetings cards (birthday, Christmas, or whatever you want) are used. Money is clipped inside the cards and a spectator mixes the cards. In the end you win the big money. Oh, and did I mention the selected playing card that vanishes from the deck and appears stapled to the final greetings card?

Lucky for Sum

A triple prediction using a deck shuffled by a spectator. You never touch the deck after it has been shuffled. Practically works itself.

The Equalizer

An oddball effect, where the Aces redistribute themselves in a packet to create a puzzling effect.

Secrets Merchants

An improved method for a Jerry Sadoldwitch trick. First you are able to name two selections that you couldn't possibly have seen, then they unexpectedly transpose.

Amount Account Recounted

A variation on a mind-bending concept of Marty Kane's (he has many such concepts).

Pictorial Ratification

If you want to appear to read minds, you may want to read this...

A Safe Bet

Five envelopes - one contains money - your money! Your back is turned. A spectator freely switches the envelopes around. During this, you tell him to pick up and KEEP four. You may break into a cold sweat, but you keep your money! If you lose your money, it means you haven't read the instructions properly. I offer no refunds...

A Piece of Fred

A color divination routine based on an unpublished Fred Robinson trick.

Jumbo Jeopardy

A jumbo card is torn into 4 pieces. Three pieces are placed under three Jumbo cards. The 4th piece is placed under your wallet. You cleanly lift the three jumbo cards to show that the three pieces have vanished. A spectator lifts your wallet to find the fully restored jumbo card underneath.

Not as Impromptu

A different principle is used to emulate a Roy Walton trick.

My Goodness...

Two random cards successfully find the mate of a card previously placed in a spectator's pocket.


You cut to the four Kings. Then you reveal four Jacks - these will help the lonely Kings find their Queens. Finally you reveal the four Queens. Very easy to do - big display finish for very little effort.



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