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Unite by Tom Phoenix - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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Unite a 3-dimensional object with a 2-dimensional surface!

This is a collection of six effects, five of which involve passing a 3-dimensional object into or through a 2-dimensional surface.

In addition to the routines, you will learn performance tips and variations, as well as a powerful technique that has many uses in mentalism. 


Unite: A visual and mind-boggling routine, in which a coin becomes a part of a playing card. That card is placed to the side, and another one is selected. the coin drops out of the selection... only it's not the selection, an odd transpo has just taken place.
The coin can be borrowed.
And the coin can be signed. On both sides.

Coin-Through-Box: A fun (and gimmickless) opener for anyone who performs card or coin magic.

Full-Deck Transpo: You take out a coin and a deck. You put the coin into the box, and the box on top of the deck. The deck melts through the bottom of the box, leaving the entire deck in the box, and the coin on the table.

The Ninja Flip: This is an original and knacky move that allows you to accomplish a similar effect as in "Unite".

Colour Changing Deck: A subtle effect, or a big one, depending on how you choose to present it. Easily added as an opener to any card routine.

Unite Variation: Same idea as "Unite", only they get to keep the card that contains the object.

Single Writing: Not the same as Double Writing. Not an effect, just a technique that will open many doors.


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