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Understanding Misdirection - Free Ebook


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One of the most important principles of magic that every magician must develop is a practical understanding of misdirection. Understanding misdirection will give you the ability to make your performance more powerful and more effective. It's a core principle we teach students at Merchant of Magic.

It makes you a better performer. However, it is the ‘unspoken’ art within magic, and finding good theories and resources on the topic can be very difficult. In this book, you will learn precisely what misdirection is and how you can use it successfully. 

You will learn the four key techniques involved, and you will understand how to incorporate them into your existing and new magic routines.

  1.  The Off Beat
  2.  The Eyes
  3.  Your Eyes
  4.  Justification of Movement

This book is written for magicians who would want to develop their basic understanding of the methods involved in misdirection. It is designed to help you understand and implement these techniques quickly and efficiently without too much theory. 

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