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Ultimate Self Working Card Tricks - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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 The Ultimate Online Training Video for Self Working Card Tricks

Ultimate self working card tricks won the 2012 best magic tricks awards , as the best for learning easy card tricks.

This instant magic download teaches you some of the best self working card tricks ever released to magicians . The team sourced 11 of the best card tricks ever created. Magic tricks that will totally freak your audiences.

Each magic trick is also self working. That's the key. These magic tricks are easy enough for a total beginner, but HARD HITTING ENOUGH FOR A WORKING PROFESSIONAL MAGICIAN!!! And, even better, a lot of this magic is very little known.

The video teaches magic tricks you can do when a friend gives you an old deck of playing cards. There are magic tricks that you can do for a large group that will leave them speechless.

Many magicians will tell you that one of the magic tricks on their freshly brought DVD was worth the price of the DVD on it's own. Well, The Merchant of Magic believe that these 11 magic tricks ALL hit that category.

Featuring magic by James Went (host of CBBC's 'Help, My Supply Teacher Is Magic'), Liam Montier, Iain Moran and Owen Packard, the instant magic download also gives you tips & ideas on how to present these card magic tricks, as well as a extra sectiona of some great false cuts if you want to move your magic technique up to the next level. (You don't have to learn these, because the 11 magic tricks are all 100% sleight of hand free!).

11 of the best self working card tricks ever created:

  • Contact Colors (Aldo Colombini)
  • Impossible (Mike Austin)
  • Shuffling Lesson (Chad Long)
  • Henry Sugar (Liam Montier)
  • Pre-Prefiguration (Larry Jennings / Mark Elsdon)
  • Your Aces Are Marked (Terry Lagerould)
  • Shufflebored (Simon Aronson)
  • The 7/16 Club (Alex Elmsley)
  • Impossible (Larry Jennings)
  • 4,5,6 (Al Thatcher)
  • Unbelievable (By Shields, F. Michael And Bascom Jones, Jr)


  • None of the magic tricks need any skill.
  • Taught by star of the BBC hit magic show 'Help, My Supply Teacher Is Magic', along with Liam Montier, Iain Moran & Owen Packard.
  • Interviews with TV personality Paul Zenon, as well as card flourisher Scott Thomson, and top magicians Iain Moran and Liam Montier.
  • High production values and excellent indepth teaching.

Running Time Approximately: 1hr 32min