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Ulterior Motif - By Peter Duffie - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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THOSE ENIGMATIC ROYALS: A simple idea based on the Vernon 'Card Puzzle' and inspired by Peter Kane's 'Royal Families' from his booklet A Further Card Session, plus Roy Walton's "Split Up" from The Complete Walton, Vol.1.

A SENSE OF FREEDOM: This is based on a number prediction by Shigeo Futagawa using four pieces of cardboard (See "Stunumbers" in Karl Fulves' Self-Working Number Magic, Dover). The only weak point was that the prediction couldn't be written until an advanced stage in the proceedings. The following effect uses playing cards and there is no need to worry about the prediction because everything works out automatically.

MESSAGE UNDERSTOOD: In effect, one spectator reads the mind of another. The principle used is really the 'Automatic Placement.'

BAKER STREET BRANCH: This effect came about after reading Phil Goldstein's "Sherloct," which appeared in Abracadabra No. 2410.

DALEY BASIS: The following routine uses ideas of Jacob Daley, Alex Elmsley (Between Your Palms ) and Roy Walton (Card Case).

THE TWO WAY SYNDROME: Here are two tricks which both utilise the same eighteen-card set-up, which consists of nine pairs of cards matching in colour. Although the colours don't matter for the first trick, by setting the packet this way you are in a position to try out the second trick immediately.

MIXED REACTION: Stewart James' "Miraskill" is one of those simple tricks that has stood the test of time. The following effect begins with the first stage of "Miraskill" but then moves into a second phase which employs a totally different principle of Gene Finnell's.

FORESEE AND FOUR DON’T: This trick is suited for an audience where cards can be shown to any one of four selected spectators without the other three being able to see the faces. This is a variant of 'Les Cartes Generale' from Sach's Sleight of Hand.

GILBREATH RESET: The following system can be used in any trick where the Gilbreath principle is used for alternated pairs, e.g., reds and blacks, odds and evens, etc.

GAME , RESET AND MATCH: This effect results in a perfect match of colours The inspiratory source was Roy Walton's 'Regimentation' which appeared in the Charles Hudson column in the Linking Ring.

A MOMENT IN TIME: This one is based on a Bob Hummer trick called "Kilroy Was Here."

THOUGHT UP: The Jack McMillen Plunger Rising Card is still one of the most effective methods for causing a card to rise out of the pack without preparation or gimmicks. What follows is a different way of arriving at the position prior to the actual rise At this stage I will pre-warn you that the ability to execute a perfect Faro shuffle is required, so now may be the time to move on to the next trick, which requires only a Centre Deal, or is it a Double Lift? I can't remember.

HUMMERISM: Bob Hummer was one of magic's rare geniuses. He developed some of the most off-beat principles in card magic. What follows is one of those principles with an added ingredient.

THE EXPERTS: This is a production of four Blackjack hands which is one big con , however it works. It can also be used for a Royal Marriages by substituting the Aces for Queens.

HOSIANDU: This effect bears a slight resemblance to the Hofzinser Card Problem. The face to face switch is Bill Simon's and the progressive choice principle is a variation on an Annemann idea for a stop trick.

4 - PLAY: The Gilbreath principle is used here to achieve a mind reading effect. Again a lot of apparent freedom is gifted upon the spectators. Four helpers are required though it can be performed with only one.

ADVANCE NOTICE: I came up with the following two card prediction effect after reading a card location of Jack Yates' in the book Best of Pentagram Card Magic (Breese Books).

THE CURATORS: In my book Applications (Breese Books) I included a trick called 'Guardian Angels.' What follows is a simpler handling. It is also possibly more direct as only one card has to be remembered. The inspiratory source was Elmsley's 'Diamond Cut Diamond' which first appeared in Genii.

A TRICK TO BORE THE A!*! OFF PEOPLE WITH: Some of you may find this of interest. You'll probably never use it but you might find it interesting it uses simple arithmetic.

THE DISORIENTED SEVENS: The lucky Sevens produce a Royal Flush.