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Turning Point - Giscomo Bigliardi - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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This is Turning Point. The only secret Giscomo Bigliardi kept when he released Think, Feel, CUT.

"Amongst all my work on four of a kind productions, one routine always stood out for its power in front of lay audiences. When collecting the material for my previous project, I realized I had to keep for myself that one routine, as it did deserve a stand-alone project.

This is where Turning Point comes from. A performance piece that I've been perfecting for over two years in every detail. A full routine that plays with the expectation of your audience to reach an unexpected climax. A plot twist. A Turning Point."

Everything happens right in front of their eyes, the method is easy to accomplish and can be adapted into a variety of different styles. Included in the project are two performances of the effect. A very laid back and quick demonstration of the routine, as well as a full 6 minutes act with a presentation that your audience will never forget.

Learn Turning Point today!