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Turn Left and Hoff - By Alan Rorrison - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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This is my take on one of those effects I just love to perform. The Hofzinser Ace Problem !

A spectator freely chooses any card and they can even sign it if they want to. The card is put face down between the two Jokers and these three cards (Jokers and spectators freely chosen and signed selection) are tabled. Now the spectator selects four random cards from the face down spread. Magically the four chosen cards are the four aces. Finally the ace with the same suit as the spectator's card vanishes and reappears between the Jokers. The signed spectator selection is now found among the three remaining aces.

  • No gimmicks are used.
  • Completely impromptu
  • The spectator can shuffle the deck before the effect
  • Super easy to do
  • All moves shown in detail

This routine has been worked over an over since 2005 to make sure every single little move is as direct and simply as it can be. I even developed my A.R. switch just for the routine which was held close and only shown to and held in high regard by a few in the underground community until this effects release.



"Even David Hasselhoff isn't this cool! Simply put, an awesome addition to the Hoff family. Get it now and fry some people!" - Jamie Daws Pro Magician