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Turbulence - By Peter Duffie - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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From the Fertile & Devious Minds of 

Cameron Francis & Peter Duffie 
Comes ..


In Turbulence, the impossible becomes possible.
Turbulence is a multi-phase card routine that is both 
mind-bending and entertaining.

"Turbulence is one beautiful fooling routine. It borders on the impossible. It is so good that I have added it to my repertoire."  - Harvey Rosenthal (usa) 
"Turbulence is a great routine!"  - Donald Wyatt (uk) 

Turbulence kicks off with a sizzling and super clean "Collectors" phase where four Kings instantly collect three previously signed cards. Then, in the blink of an eye, the three cards instantly vanish. The three cards are then reproduced as they are summoned from the deck one by one. Finally, the Kings are placed in your pocket and an impossible transposition occurs - the Kings are suddenly found on the table while the three signed cards are cleanly removed from your pocket! No palming!

Use any deck and simply add some 
standard gaffs that 95% of you will already have.

Not only that; the trick is easy to do and resets instantly!