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Trybil AKA The Multi-Bob Book - By Dr Bill - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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I hadn’t seen Grayling since graduation day, nearly 30 years ago. The young man I remembered could now pass for a double of Mr. Monopoly, sans top hat. The stout build, white hair and carefully maintained handlebar mustache were all there along with an air of years of successful living.

We ran into each other at The Focal Pointe, a café that had just opened on the edge of the financial district, not far from where I live. Grayling recognized me first and invited me back to his office for whiskey and cigars to “celebrate our fortuitous reunion,” as he put it. I recalled he’d always spoken like this but what had once seemed forced, if not a trace odd, now fit him well.

Grayling was partner in a thriving law practice and his office showed it. Paintings by the latest major talents, originals I was certain, graced his walls. In contrast objects de arte, from times long past, were tastefully scattered throughout the room.

Each was obtained during Grayling’s many travels around the globe and as we drank and smoked he took obvious pleasure in telling me tales of their origin and acquisition. Some of his stories seemed fanciful, even a bit farfetched, but with every sip of fine whiskey and puff on my cigar I found myself more engrossed and willing to believe.

There was one piece that sat near to me on his desk, reverently displayed, but which Grayling seemed to be almost purposely avoiding. Naturally, this only served to pique my interest. I know now this was intentional.

It was an antique rod held in a simple but elegant stand that cradled both ends, elevating it several inches above Grayling’s desk. From the rod fell three silken cords. At the bottom of each cord a small brass bell was attached.

As Grayling spoke of everything in the room but this odd object, the occasional tinkle of its bells kept drawing me back. Finally, he could no longer ignore my sideways glances. “That piece,” Grayling said softly, “is very special to me. Would you like to see what it does?” I found myself curiously excited, as if I was on the brink of stepping into a world where the impossible was real. I nodded my head.

Now you can make the impossible real! Many modern day magi believe that the pendulum is the most underutilized tool in the world of mentalism.


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Within Trybil: AKA The Multi-Bob Book, Dr. Bill teaches you how to become an expert operator of this most rare and unique form of magical of tools, the Multi-Bob pendulum. With anywhere from 2 to 6 bobs, you are able to control, and guide your audience members to control, the movements of any single pendulum while the others remain still! It looks and feels like real magic!


Trybil includes instructions to make your own Multi-Bob pendulums as well as suggested suppliers if you prefer to use a pre-made model.


Examples of the Multi bob pendulums


Along with learning Dr. Bill’s innovative methods and effects, you will be taught by some of the finest performers and creators in mentalism: Rich Hennessey, John Riggs, Gerard, Dr. Todd Landman, Faucon Of Sakin’el, Mauricio Jaramillo, Michael Weber, Marc Salem, Docc Hilford, Brad Henderson, Kenton Knepper, Tony Razzano, Keith Barry, and Jerome Finley all share one or more effects.

Within its 134 pages Trybil contains 16+ effects with the Multi-Bob and 9+ effects with a standard pendulum. The plus signs are there because many variations and complete additional effects are described in the instructions all the way up to and including the “In Conclusion” section! Standard pendulum effects are in Trybil to provide some of the most unique and powerful presentations with a single pendulum ever offered in a single collection.




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”I finally had a chance to read Bill's wonderful work on pendulums. Without a doubt, this is the best work ever written on the subject. I recommend it without reservation to anyone who is serious about this type of work.” - Bob Cassidy


“All in all it's a remarkable tome and one I consider a modern classic - Trybil is in a league of its own and there's certainly nothing else like it out there...a much needed addition to the pendulum literature and sure to be a treasured resource for many for years to come!” - Jerome Finley



“Trybil is jampacked with the most wonderful ideas on pendulums and brings this ancient device into the 21st century.” - Jheff



"I started reading Trybil, and am having a fantastic time. There are tons of incredibly well thought out tricks and routines that I think audiences will really enjoy. I can’t wait to try some of them out!" - Elliot Bressler



"If you're into pendulums at all, then 'Trybil: The Multi-Bob Book' is a work you'll want to give a prominent spot in your bookcase. Not only is there a section focusing on the classic pendulum, but Dr. Bill and his contributors also teach you how to construct 'Multi-Bobs' and offer up a great variety of routines from some of the biggest names around." - Bruce Bernstein



“Overwhelmingly, Trybil has made me want to make a Multi-Bob. Congratulations on what is sure to be a winner!” - Dominic Twose


“This information crosses the barrier between reality and invisible, mystic forces at work. Powerful and in the right hands... real" - Andrew Gerard