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A strange printing effect


Cameron Francis brings you a twisted packet trick that will blow your spectators away! 

Effect: The magician displays a packet of six Jokers and asks the spectators if they have ever heard of marked cards.  Assuming they reply in the affirmative, the magician continues, “Well, most people don't know how to really mark cards. Especially in a subtle fashion. But I do. And I'll show you right now using this packet of jokers.” Noticing two blue backed jokers in the packet,  the magician sets them aside, claiming they are “troublemakers”. The other four Jokers are shown to have normal red backs. “Now if you want to mark the backs of these cards, you only have to give them a spin,” says the magician. One at a time, each card develops a mark on its back: a large black X! “Of course,” he says, “you can't let them get too close to the blue cards or else strange things happen!” The two blue Jokers are tapped against two of the red Jokers. The X's disappear off the back of the two red Jokers! When the two blue Jokers are turned over, they have large black X's on their faces! 

Fully examinable!

Easy to do!

No gaffed cards required!

Resets Instantly!




TYPE:  PDF Ebook for Mac and PC 

DELIVERY: Electronic/Instant download (worldwide)

Magic Tricks Difficulty level 2 (Basic sleights)

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