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Trio - by Freddy Marlow - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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By Freddy Marlow

Trio is a collection of three cigarette effects which are both strong and very visual!

Each effect can be used separately or as part of a larger routine.




Cigarette Through Hand: The performer borrows a cigarette and pushes in into his palm. As the audience realises that it hasn't dropped out of the other side of his hand, he turns it over to reveal the protruding cigarette sticking out of the back of his hand!

Torn and Restored Cigarette: The magician folds a borrowed cigarette until it cracks open in the centre. Covering the cigarette for a moment he folds out the cigarette again to reveal it restored!

Quick Break: The magician tells the audience about a friend of his who worked in an office so busy that they weren't allowed full cigarette breaks, where admin staff would go around cutting their cigarettes short in order to increase productivity. Showing the audience how his friend got around this problem, the magician takes a shortened cigarette and proceeds to stretch it out to it's normal size.

This photo illustrated ebook teaches you everything you need to know to perform these powerful effects. Includes detailed instructions on how to make/obtain the simple gimmicks/materials required.

BONUS: The first edition of Trio includes a guide to vanish and reproduce a cigarette!



TYPE: PDF 15 pages (590KB)

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Magic Tricks Difficulty level 1 (Basic sleights/self working)

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