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Tri-Fold - Nathan Kranzo - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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This book contains routines that utilize the secret folding of a card in some way.

Nathan was inspired by the likes of Fred Kaps, Matt Schulien, Tommy Wonder and the list goes on. Kaps having helped popularized the classic "card in matchbox" by Bruno Hennig with advancements by Scotty York, Jamy Ian Swiss, and John Kennedy.







Included in the booklet is a Stand Up/Parlor handling for Nathan's Voodoo Card routine.

This routine received some high praises from some top names in magic when he performed it at the International Day of Magic in London, England.

Also included is a very strong mentalism routine as well as an impossible location routine that is a close-up workers dream. A signed selection is found folded up and tucked inside the tag behind your tie! As you can see there is something for everyone in this book.



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