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Transparent Matrix by Artisan Coin & Chen Hui

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Matrix is one of the most beloved plots in coin magic. In this routine, the magician places four cards and four coins on the table, covering each coin with a card one by one. The coins seemingly teleport until they all converge in one place.

The versatility and the multitude of transformations have captivated numerous magicians over the years. Many coin enthusiasts have created their own interpretations of the Matrix plot.

Some magicians have tweaked the classic Matrix plot, and others have altered the props to enhance the visual impact. Trans Matrix by Richard Mo, introduced in 2003, replaces playing cards with transparent cards. This alteration allows the audience to clearly witness the coins vanishing or teleporting beneath the cards in an instant, creating a heightened visual effect.

Now, we present a fresh take on the Matrix by Chen Hui, co-produced by Artisan Coin - Transparent Matrix. Chen Hui's version allows you to have the four coins examined by the audience both before and after the performance. It can be executed surrounded by the audience, is remarkably easy to learn, and is suitable for various lighting conditions.

Each detail of this routine has been meticulously developed through countless hours of performance by Chen Hui. This routine is not just a sequence of tricks or techniques; it represents the wealth of experience accumulated over the years.

Craftsmanship is equally crucial. We maintain high standards of craftsmanship consistent with the Artisan Coin series. When this gimmicked coin is introduced into the routine, it is nearly impossible for the audience to discern any difference in appearance or thickness compared to regular coins, allowing for confident performances.

The gimmicked coin is crafted from a 2022 half dollar. Therefore, for the best effect, you will need four additional regular half dollars, preferably those minted after 2019.

Key Features:
  • A visually stunning rendition of a classic coin routine
  • Suitable for close-up and medium-distance performances
  • No complex sleights are required.
  • The coins can be examined by the audience before and after the performance.
What's Included:
  • One gimmicked coin
  • Five transparent cards
  • One specially crafted card wallet to store the props.