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Touching Bend By Erick Castle - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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Erick Castle's Gallerian Bend and IERoX techniques are used by the worlds leading magicians and mentalists. Erick wanted to take the 'professional visual spoon bend' and strip out all the hard work, difficult moves, uncertanty and risk, allowing magicians at any level of ability, to perform an ultimate spoon bend effect. At first Erick refused to release his 'pet effect' to the whole magic community, but after increasing pressure from working magicians who know him and admire the technique (you may have spotted magicians discussing it in the more respected magic communities over last year), he has finally agreed to release the secret. Touching Bend is the end result!

So what's all the fuss about? Well, Touching Bend gives you the visual effect of a spoon slowly bending at your fingertips, but without the high level of misdirection, risky moves, chemicals and fuss of other professional quality techniqes currently available. It does this by using a very practical and easy to use gimmick!  You use your own spoons, and they can be given out immediately for your audience to examine (Erick recommends just letting the spectator keep-it as a souvenir).


"The reason I decided to go about creating a gimmick, is because I wanted to have a spoon bend right in my fingertips as I did nothing more then stare with a intent of mental focus as the spoon eerily bends all on its own. Also I think it's always great to add something a little bit different then usual in a routine. There are many versatile qualities to this technique, and the gimmick allows various alternative methods to have the spoon appear bending! The REAL BENEFIT of Touching Bend, unlike most metal bending gimmicks on the market today is that you actually end totally clean!"   Erick Castle.



Do I have to use a special spoon?

No! Use your own regular everyday spoons. The instrucional video takes you step by step through the simple process of creating the gimmick for use with any spoon! The Touching Bend gimmick can be put together very quickly from a few common items. If you don't already own the 'bits and bobs' needed, they can be picked up cheaply at most hardware stores.  

What about the reset?

That's one of the many advantages Touching Bend gives the working magician. It resets in moments, making it ideal for walk-around or corporate performing situations.

Does this need Sleight of Hand?

No! Although you will need to practice the handling to make the actions smooth and natural. Touching Bend takes away the need for palming or risky misdirection, Erick found that many 'beginners' were put off most of the visual impromptu techniques on the market, so Touching Bend gives you the power without the paranoia!

I already own GALLERIAN BEND is it worth learning TOUCHING BEND too?

Yes! They complement each other perfectly. Perform Gallerian Bend then offer to repeat the effect very slowly for the spectators to see UP CLOSE. Take your time, and let the spectators see the spoon slowly, visually bend from multiple angles.



"Been waiting seven months for this to be released! Now that I'm using it, It's worth every minute of the wait. That's three great tricks in a row!" Tim Scawen. 

"I was blown away by Gallerian Bend and this has fitted in so well with my routine, Great work Erick!" Edd Matthews.

"If I really had the power to bend spoons with my mind, I probably wouldn't bother, when I can use Touching Bend instead." Ollie- Forum


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