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Tornation - By Nicholas Uusitalo - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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The torn and restored card - You will slowly rip a playing card that the spectator has chosen and signed, into four pieces. Then, right in front of their eyes, one piece at a time, you will magically restore the whole playing card.

Tornation includes several variations and presentations.


"I wanted to make the torn and restored card routine easier and more visual. I didn't want a lot of awkward moves or gestures. The performer had to be able to use natural movements and everything had to stay in plain sight as much as possible." - Nicholas Uusitalo


Effect: You ask your spectator to select any card. They sign the card right across it's face. You then take their card, and you tear it in four pieces. The spectator can see their signature on the ripped pieces. You then gather all the pieces on to a playing card, and you give that a shake.

Visibly the card restores itself. The card is handed out for examination, and it's indeed their signed and selected card.

This magic trick is very easy to do, and requires no complicated setups. A very small gimmick is involved that can be done with very commonly available household items. Full details are included in the ebook.


TYPE: PDF E-Book 12 pages. 1st Edition.  Download 170KB

DELIVERY: Electronic/Instant download(worldwide)