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Tommy Wonder Cups & Balls Set (Brass)



Tommy Wonder is a legendary close-up magician whose influence on close-up and stage magic spans over 40 years. He is noted for many celebrated close-up effects, most of which have been published in his seminal work, The Books of Wonder, along with original diagrams and prop descriptions.

One of Tommy Wonder's oldest and best-known effects is The Two-Cup Routine published in 1977 (Original Magic from Holland), 1983 (Tommy Wonder Entertains) and, finally, in The Books of Wonder in 1996.

After substantial research and development, Bluether Magic now offers to the magic fraternity, with permission of The Tommy Wonder Estate, an exact replica of the props described by Tommy Wonder for use in The Two-Cup Routine. Knowing how important these props were to Tommy Wonder's routines, we have reconstructed the props for The Two-Cup Routine with the utmost care and detail.

Included in the set are three crochet balls in the bright orange thread described by Tommy Wonder and shown in the routine. We also provided a specially knitted carrying bag made from a blue sock-type yarn, fabricated so that it will stretch to fit the cups as well as compress to fit in the cups for the final load. The large blue pom-pom is made to The Books of Wonder's exact specifications with a precision-made clasp used to attach the pom-pom to the bag, allowing for the quick release required by the routine.

These are the only props licensed by The Tommy Wonder Estate for The Two-Cup Routine.