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To The Max - By Kieron Johnson (Plus DVD and Special Holder)

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Wouldn't it be amazing if you could produce a brick of real ice at time during your walk-around magic!

You can!

Whenever you want, you can hold out a spectator's hands and magically create, out of thin air, a brick of ice in their own hands! This opens the door to so many mind blowing magic tricks that will make you a reputation!


Just take a coin, have it signed and without any suspect moves, you freeze it right inside an Ice Cube!


Kieron Johnson's specially designed holder makes this possible in real working conditions. You can even produce the same brick of Ice many times during an evenings walkaround magic. The holder is made of a material that will keep the ice from melting and makes it possible to use many times over. Keiron has been doing this in his act for many years and is now releasing the secret technique and most importantly the special holder for the first time. No close-up magician or street magic worker should be without this.


What the Merchant of Magic thinks:  This one is pure genius. Making a block of ice appear, thrizzles the whole group of spectators. Check out the demo video. It's just how this plays in real life, you get a whole group of spectators reacting like mad, helped by the high energy and quick pace that the routine allows. It's really easy to pop over to the bar during the evening, load up some ice, and off you go! This is solid material for any close up magician. Highly recommended. This would be awesome combined with Pure Smoke.



Q & A




'Great to see this released to the magic community. I am lucky enough to have seen Kieron working this and it plays exactly like it does on the demo. It is a very very strong piece of magic that will get insane reactions from your audiences.' - Darren Campbell


 Question: How many blocks can the special holder carry?

Answer: The holder fits one large ice cube when working. Kieron has two small thermoses with his as well that give him 8 blocks of ice to use if he wanted to. He mainly resets with the same block rather than changing it.


Question: How fast is the reset?

Answer: It takes approc 25 seconds to reset, and what's more you can do it in your pocket! So no having to go back to your bag, making the effect practical for the working pro.


'Not only have Kieron's audiences been raving about this since he created it - every big name in magic that has seen this has loved it, and not surprisingly those that have been privileged to learn the method of this have put it right into their performances. This has been kept secret for quite a while now - but now it's time unleash "To the Max", to the world.

Kieron tips his hat to the reputation making magic of Max Malini - and this is just one of many many routines Kieron does that not only brings the essence Malini's effects into the 21st century, but makes them accessible for all.

If you are just performing mere puzzles with your magic, it's time to stop. It's time to change everything. It's time to bring your audiences what they deserve. It's time to bring them miracles.

Sometimes simplicity is stronger than anything. This is simple, bold powerful magic at its finest that won't your break knuckles trying to learn - you'll be watching people pick up their jaws off the floor in no time.

This, without a doubt, will be the years hottest effect, it's literally cool as !@#$.'

- Rupert Blair 



'This is 100% practical which is hard to believe I know but it really, really is.
Not only that but the trick itself is truly stunning, in certain presentations a spectator can feel the magic happening which is a rare quality in magic tricks.
Phenomenal trick, this is a reputation maker for sure. Well done Kieron' - Chris Piercy