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Titanic Forces - (Making Contact With The Dead) - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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‘Titanic Forces’ is the first book of magic written by Owen Mc Gough. Owen has cerebral palsy and yet he performs magic and mentalism to an amazing level of professionalism.  Owen is a fan of the dark side of magic tricks. He likes to perform shows and routines that have strange things happening or contact is made with the dead


 You will learn:

The passenger – Can you predict a photograph a spectator will choose from a set of 12 photographs? How about knowing the very details of that photograph?  If another spectator wanted to do this themselves but ends up with a different photograph? The Passenger will allow you to, mysteriously, know the details of the photograph as well.
And the Band Played On – The tale of Titanic has created many legends and supernatural stories. The spectators will hear about these tales, including a story about people hearing the sound of a band playing on the Southampton dock. What the band is playing is very strange indeed!

The above routines are just 2 of the 4 presented in this ebook.  They all deal with the subject of the dead or making contact with them.

 1st Ed 2013; 92 pages PDF ebook

Titanic forces include black and white pictures of passengers from the Titanic. You will need to print these to use in the main Passangers Routine. The images are exactly the same as those included in White Star. If you also own White Star, the high quality professionally made cards are perfect for use with Titanic Forces. You don't need to own White Star to perform Titanic Forces, but we highly recommend you do use the high quality, durable, photo cards that come with White Star rather than that printing your own photos from this ebook. White Star would also be a perfect companion routine, to expand the theme of your act.


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