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Titanic Deck - By Titanas - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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Imagine a deck being fairly and thoroughly shuffled by yourself AND the spectator. Under total test conditions, the spectator selects ANY card. You will immediately know the identity of the selected card.
At any time, the deck can be passed out for full examination.
Believe or not, this is what you get with the Titanic Deck!
No marks
No rough and smooth
Nothing is added or taken away
No switches
The deck consists of 52 different cards
The deck is cleanly and legitimately shuffled
The deck can be examined at any time
Some of the effects taught with the TITANIC DECK

Riffle Choice
Effect - The deck is fairly shuffled until the spectator is happy. Then the spectator is asked to look at the card as you riffle through them and merely shout stop whenever - while all this happensyour head is turned - also the cards are riffled very slowly to prove there is no funny business going on (as in no force!!!). The spectator then shouts stop, she is handed the card and then you are in a position to reveal the card in any way wanted.

Under The Table:
The deck is FAIRLY SHUFFLED, the spectator is then handed the deck to check that no cards are previously reversed and asked to SHUFFLE the cards if they like. The spectator is than told to put the deck under the table and cut it as many times as the like and turn the deck over, then turn the face card face down and put into the center of the deck. You are the only person in the world that knows the identity of the card!

Picture This:
The spectator is shown a picture of spread cards and told that the way in which the picture is taken will influence his choice of a card. She is then instructed to think of any of the cards. Then in order that there is proof of her selection, she is asked to take the shuffled deck (yes she can shuffle it) and remove her thought of card. Then by means of 'reading her body language' you reveal the colour, suit then value of the card!

The Third Principle:
There is then the explanation of the 'third principle' if you think you know how the TITANIC DECK works, this piece of genius is well worth the price of the ebook for the mere applications it could have for everything else you could do in magic and mentalism. A very small amount of thought and reference to the work of Anneman and Juan Tamariz for instance and your creativeness will be brimming over in every which direction!

There is also two bonus effects

This is an advancement of the 'picture this' idea with out the photo and with two spectators, and this takes it to a whole new level! Picture This has been regarded as the best effect in the book and RESIST makes it even more powerful. This effect truly is a gem, it's a stage effect with cards, and some TITANIC DECK users have reported that it has caused them to reconsider putting cards back into thier professional acts!

This is a secret bonus effect, but we will say that its a KILLER and will give you so many possibilities to play with!