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Tic Tac Collection By Milano Magia - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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"I LOVE this so much! Being able to perform unique magic anytime with normal objects is invaluable, and Tic Tac Trap looks so good! Easy to do, and fools everyone! Recommended." - Mark J

Magic Tricks With a Pack of Tic Tacs



The Tic Tac Collection is a compilation of stunning magic tricks involving a tic tac box. Incredibly visual, strong, and memorable. Best of all... It's especially easy to do.

This instant download video teaches you three magic tricks plus a bonus trick that used a simple, everyday TicTac box. 

Easy To Do, Impromptu Magic

Anytime, Anywhere.

Tic Tac Trap

 A playing card is selected and can be signed. The tic tac box is launched through the deck, and the selected card is caught inside the box folded. The trick requires a little gimmick that you can reproduce at home in a minute.

Tic Tac Ultra Trap

A playing card is selected and signed. The Tic Tac box is thrown through the deck of playing cards, and the one corner of the signed card is caught inside. The trick is totally impromptu.

Red Mint

A tic tac box with only one red mint inside is shown. A playing card is selected, a regular post-it note is given to the spectator. He signs one side, then he folds it in four, and he puts it inside the box.

He shakes the box with the red mint in his closed fist. The trick is totally impromptu.
When he opens his hand, he finds that the red mint has written the name of the select card on the signed piece of paper.


The Tic Tac collection allows you to perform magic with an everyday object in street conditions. The routines are constructed to be perfect magic material that you can perform with natural objects around you.