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Thought of Card in Balloon - By Luca Volpe - Titanas Magic



Luca Volpe - His love of conjuring started when he was a young boy and was given a set of magic tricks as a christmas present. His initial performance was when he was only 12 years of age, his life as a magician had begun. After six years of showing magic around Italy he became the youngest magician in his country to have a National Television performance of his stunning manipulation and dove act. This in turn opened the door to other shows on TV in Italy such as Maurizio Costanzo Show. Uno Mattina, Buona Domenica and many others on Mediaset and RAI.
Volpe's act, "Feel the Real Magic", has been performed all over the world receiving great reviews and amazing audiences on board luxury Cruise liners,in top-class Casinos and Hotels. He was Italy's introduction to street magic with the highly acclaimed DVD 'Mystica' also staring in his own show on network satellite called IMAGINA (PLAY TV Sky Satellite) Volpe has received the "Kayenna TV Award" as a result of his achievements in developing his magic from the street and bringing his brand 'street magic' to the mainstream.

Now this is something amazing! Would you like to have the ability to predict thoughts or memories of your spectator? What if you could prove it by having it sealed inside something, something like a balloon?!? This is what Luca and Titanas is sharing with you in this DVD. Why a balloon? Because by its very own characteristics it is a well known fact that nothing can get in and nothing can get out once the balloon is inflated and tied. Luca and Titanas teach you the basics and then many additions for this amazing mind boggling concept!

Imagine this:
You walk up to a complete stranger and give them an infalted balloon, you then ask their name and then ask them to think of a playing card. You then ask the spectator to shake the balloon, there is something inside they can hear bouncing around.  You burst the balloon and inside there is only one card, which of course matches the spectator's thought of playing card, not only that, but the card has the spectator's name written on it!. This is only a portion of what is possible with this great concept.

Luca has developed so many commercial and practical ideas using an old concept in magic, really bringing this idea to fruition within this, his first DVD release, Thought of Card in Balloon.