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Think Tank - Close Up Magic Collection - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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Think Tank is the first multi magic trick project

from Jamie Daws.


Over the years, Jamie has shared his single greatest effects but has never released a collection of effects to fit the modern day magician.

This PDF is packed with effects that Jamie has been working on for the past five years. Some are simple quick hitters and some are full blown killers!

12 Effects - Over 100 HD Photos, 40 Pages of Magic

Simple Mix
Jamies elegant handling of the classic Triumph Routine which is flourishy enough to look impressive but simple enough to cater for any performance.

Bottoms Up
A cut and quick effect in which two lose selections are found with a single Joker. This has a really cute kicker sandwich ending!

Ping has been available for two years as a single download. I am pleased to include it in this PDF! This is a true favorite of mine. Being able to visually penetrate a bottle of water with an elastic band is a magicians dream. But being able to visually pass the corer of a playing card through the bottle is something even cooler!

Want a clean and totally impossible ending to your sandwich routine? This is a brilliant addition to any sandwich effect. Cleanly place a card in between 2 face up Jokers at the beginning of your set and by the end, the card is cleanly taken out and found to be the singed selection!

Colouring is my overlooked Colour Changing Deck effect. Buried as an extra on the GatheRing DVD, I felt like it should be brought back to the magic community. This is a killer Colour Changing deck effect that has a killer ending and leaves the deck examinable!


Rebel Aces
A one of production of Four Aces using some very sneaky sleight of hand. Not the easiest trick in the book, but totally fooling to magicians and spectators alike!

This is a very small adjustment to the Erdnase Colour Change which is so widely used. Whilst being a slight adjustment, it is this change that led to my effect Phantasm to be created.

Spinning Wheel Change
This is a very simple but visually stunning colour change. When perfected, you can cause the card on the face of the deck to continuously change one after the other in rapid timing.

Flip Top Control
This is simply a cute control which with its quirky nature, can hopefully open up a world of effects and creativity.

Moving Business
This is my signature business card effect. A quick moving hole effect that is so visual, you would believe there is far more to the method then there is. Whats more, all you need is a stack of business cards and a black marker!

The Burial
I taught this effect in a lecture held on line in 2011 and I had tons of requests asking for the artwork. Well here it is, included with the psychological insights to pull off a truly creepy effect. Sometimes the simple effects create a huge impact! Art Work Provided!

A cig box is displayed to the audience and the Warning sign is pointed out. The magician explains that, whilst his friends got into smoking, he got into magic. A card is selected and lost in the deck. The cig box is then turn’t over and suddenly, the Warning sign is the selected card! Then the box is opened and every cig that was inside is seen to have vanished. Lastly, one card is found folded up inside the box, the selection! Art Work Provided!

Four coins are displayed and shown front and back. One of the coins has a black X drawn on it. It rests on top of the stack. The magician closes his hand and instantly opens it. In that nano second, the X coin is now second from top. He does it again, it jumps down to the third position and the last time, it is found at the bottom of the stack! For a final kicker, the magician show the coins one last time and every coin is seen to have an X on the back! NO GIMMICKS NEEDED!



Those who have purchased my PDFs before know that I pride myself in the quality of my PDFs. With Studio Shot HD photos helping you along the way, you’ll not have come across a PDF quite like this before!


"Jamie always put his best foot forward and in this release he jumps In with both feet. Some real world, organic miracles that you WILL have fun with!"  - Alan Rorrison

“X-Pence... I love it! 15/10! Yes, it really is that good!” - Steven Blair

"Jamie Daws delivers a set of fresh, clever and practical routines which are definitely worth learning! Very good stuff!" - Ben Prime

“Genius work by an amazing creator. I couldn't recommend this collection more. Jamie, congratulations. You have a winner!” - Arsh Shah

“The quality of the ebook itself (visually speaking) is just phenomenal. This is a fantastic ebook well worth your attention. The quality is top notch, the material is first rate, and you're certain to find something that you'll love performing and want to use often!” - John Gelasi