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"For me, GRAB is the gold of the PDF. Fantastic and worth the price of the whole book!" - Cameron Francis

'Clever and practical material.' - Ben Harris



The best part about THINK is that there is something for everyone. Not only will you learn GRAB (an incredibly practical way to visibly steal what someone is thinking) you will also learn THINK which allows you to reveal a thought of card that the spectator never names!

Luke also shares tips and tricks on "jazzing"your magic so you too can create true miracles at a moments notice.

The effects and ideas included in the THINK booklet are...

They think it you reveal it. A spectator thinks of a card and you reveal it without them naming it.


A lesson in paying attention!



They read your mind. Now we are getting into the meat and potatoes. This is worth the price of the pdf alone. It's simple in mechanics and if done correctly this one will have the spectator scratching their head for sure. 

Stealing their thoughts. Another very nice piece of magic. Visibly steal a thought from the spectator. Luke considers this the highlight of the booklet and for good reason. It's simple to do and visual. Another mind blower for your spectator.

THINK you're ready to learn the goodness??