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The Work - Volume 5 - By Ian Kendall - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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This next volume of The Work is ready, this time on the Top Change. This 31 page ebook covers three different handlings of the top change, as well as the book change, the Erdnase change and Marlo's Snap Change. 56 photographs and 13 video clips show the moves in the kind of detail that is to be expected from Ian's teaching. All the moves have been used by Ian in the real world, so you get the level of detail that comes only from experience. 
Introduction to Volume 5
Welcome to the fifth volume of The Work. In this volume we will be looking at several card changes, both overt and covert. In the first section we will be discussing the top change and learning three different handlings of this useful sleight. We will look at how careful blocking can eliminate the inherent problems with the move, and talk about how it can be used in everyday card work. After that we will have a look at a few moves which change the card in full view of the audience, slowly in the case of the Erdnase change and more suddenly in the case of the book and snap changes.

As in previous volumes of the Work the emphasis will be on breaking the moves down into their parts so that they become easier to study. This is not a book to be read passively – you will get far better results by reading along with cards in hand. Remember to take things slowly at first, until you completely understand the mechanics of the section, and then you can begin to increase the speed at which you perform the move. Jumping ahead before you are ready may give you a quick satisfaction, but the long term results will suffer.