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The (W)Hole Deck Blue (DVD and Gimmick) by Marc Arthur and Kozmomagic - DVD

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(W)Hole Deck is the very first release of Marc Arthur and it is a great effect, he has taken close up illusion to a new level with this magic trick. In (W)hole Deck the lines are blurred between illusion and reality as an illusion of a hole becomes an actual hole on the spectator's selected playing card! The hole then jumps from the spectator's selected playing card onto the rest of the playing cards creating a deck with an actual hole all the way through it! This deck can instantly be examined and the spectator can stick their whole finger through it!

This magic trick has been tried and tested throughly and is perfect for any hobbyist or worker wanting to add a very magical and strange effect to their card magic tricks.But this is not all that is possible with (W)hole Deck, there are many other magical routines you can perform with this deck of playing cards.

Marc teaches his effect Hollow (W)hole with the playing cards, in this magic trick the playing cards are bound by a ribbon which is also then boxed. Even though it is bound in this way, in a surprising and eye popping moment the spectator's selected playing card appears from the bound deck with it's hole completely in tact!

Also taught on this DVD is (CH)Angel where a signed and selected playing card is lost in the deck of playing cards, a circular cut out of a playing card which has the Bicycle Angel design on it is shown on both sides, This cut out is of a completely different colour than the selection. The cut out of the angel then amazingly changes colour to match the colour of the playing cards you are using! It is only then that you point out that it hasn't just changed colour, it has changed places with the exact same part of the playing card from the signed selection. when the spectator checks the deck and finds their card they find the odd coloured cut out of the angel inside their card!