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Asteroidea by Shirvester - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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"It looks unbelievable. Asteroidea from Shirvester contains material which every fan of rubber band magic will enjoy!"
- Hanson Chien

"The most visual rubber band effect I have seen. You've created a bomb. This rubber band project is ultra visual and easy to learn, I love it!" "
- Dr. Cyril Thomas

"Pure effects and very practical, I can't wait to learn them!"
- Bacon Fire

"The effects are magical and the phenomenon is too visual." "
- Jeki Yoo

Japans underground creator Shirvester's legendary work is now available!

This project includes practical tricks only that can easily be performed in real life.

Incredible effects that are designed to be performed in public and without any complicated set-ups.

There is no doubt that these moves will be a very useful tool for anyone interested in rubber band magic.

Download and learn some of the most stunning and visual rubber band magic in the world today!

Asteroidea by Shirvester

1. Starfish
An intense disappearance of rubber bands that is both visual and unique.
A masterpiece and highly acclaimed by many magicians.

2. Gloriosa Change
A very easy and convincing color change.
There are many possible applications for this beyond rubber bands.

3. Droplet
The rubber band jumps out of your mouth.
This is the simplest and easiest rubber band production ever invented. You will immediately want to perform it on someone.

4. Annihilation
Rubber bands spread wide between both hands disappear in an instant. No set up or clean up required.

5. Impromptu Begging for Change
A beautiful color change performed with your arms. Set up in an instant.

6. Gargantua
A rubber band penetrates the card box. Just keep a simple set-up in the deck and you can perform it anytime.

7. Rubber Reaper
An impromptu revival of rubber bands that works for enthusiasts. Offbeat and casual set-up.
You can even have the audience tear off the rubber bands, which is very popular.

8. Starfish 360
This effect is inspired by Dr. Cyril Thomas.
Do you want to perform a rubber band vanish that will withstand 360° viewing angles? That's what this is.


9. Angel Falls
A novel approach for a color change for.

10. One Hand Starfish
Starfish performed with one hand. It is a little weak regarding angles, but very fun to perform.