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The Tokyo Tables By Golo Naito - Instant Download PDF and VIDEO


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The Tokyo Tables By Golo Naito


The Tokyo Tables is a very well produced download with some unique magic that is sure to grab anyone's attention. The visual nature of these effects are stunning though they never compromise the effect. Sometimes a visual aspect of a trick can cause the method to be unnecessarily convoluted and impractical. The Tokyo Tables is a fine example of perfect balance between the two. These are great visual tricks that are perfect for both casual and working situations. There is a great balance between sleight of hand and gimmicks, none of the gimmicks are hard to make and the sleight of hand is streamlined and simple.

Japan is a place filled with wonder, mystery and intrigue so it is no wonder magic is very popular there. There are many small, special magic bars which are frequently visited by patrons who love magic. This is great as there are a lot of places to perform magic but it also means that you can't perform the standard material if you want to actually stand out.
C. Golo Naito has done the heavy lifting for you and spent countless nights in Tokyo’s nightlife where he performed and refined his unique material. "The Tokyo Tables" offers us an insight on his experience in this wonderful bar magic scene.

This collection is designed to be visually stunning, full of surprise moments for maximum impact and covers various topics using items such as cards, cigarettes and bills.

Floating Cigarette: A cigarette levitates to your mouth
Ring In Ear: A ring vanishes and reappears in your ear
Bill Change: A highly visual bill change
Introduce Yourself: You burn a piece of paper and change it into your name badge in a flash, and then change THAT into a deck of cards.
Double Vision: Give your spectator the ability to read your mind
Think Of A Card: A thought of card is found by the spectator
Prediction On Arm: A prediction is found on the spectator's arm

You will receive a high-quality 33 page pdf describing 9 tricks. For a perfect learning experience, you also receive a 25 minute video showcasing a performance and explanation of nearly every trick.