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The TEAR-able Sessions By Ben Williams - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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Card magic tricks from the creative mind of Ben Williams.

THREE brand new easy to do, high impact card magic tricks involving the torn corners of signed Bicycle Playing Cards. 

Virtually sleight of hand free so you can concentrate on your performance. Learn two card magic tricks centred around making the torn corner of a signed playing card appear anywhere you want, under your watch, in a spectator's pocket, on the OTHER side of a window, the possibilities are endless. 

Also learn how to restore the corner to a signed bicycle Playing Card with a magic trick so visual and simple you will have the perfect starter for your favourite ambitious card trick or your favourite signed playing card routine. 

All of these card magic tricks have been tried and tested and have never failed to get great reactions, their simplicity in plot and handling combined make these card tricks perfect for your arsenal.

A spectator's selected Bicycle Playing Card is marked by having a corner torn off and the torn playing card is also signed. The spectator holds onto his playing card as the magician takes the corner and eats it, no switches take place, it is the corner you tear off. A moment later when the spectator is satisfied the corner has been swallowed the magician reveals that the exact piece to the spectator's signed playing card is now taped to the underside of his watch. Torn but not forgotten!

A spectator chooses a Bicycle Playing Card. The card is then marked by having the corner torn off AND being signed by the spectator. The performer then takes the torn corner and chews it up. The pulpy remain of this torn corner is then offered back to the spectator. When they make it clear they do not want it back the performer swallows the pulpy corner to get rid of it. Not to be bothered by this the performer strives on claiming that the spectator can still have their piece back, all that is needed is a bit of magic. The performer then takes the signed, torn playing card and lifts it up to his face where he blows on it to reveal the corner piece is now restored back onto the signed card.

A spectator selects a Bicycle Playing Card and it is signed. The signed playing card is then placed in between the spectator's palms and held tightly. The performer asks if the spectator would be impressed if he managed to steal the playing card from between their hands. When told that the spectator would be impressed the performer has a go at trying to steal the signed card without the spectator feeling anything. Upon the third failed attempt the performer explains that he has been training for this and he simply must show something to try to impress the spectator. So, the performer suggests stealing some of the playing card and mimes ripping the corner off of the card. When the spectator opens their hand the signed playing card is indeed missing a corner. The spectator is told to turn around and the corner piece is stuck to the window behind him, on the outside.

Are the magic tricks easy to do?
Yes! with a little practice, even complete beginners can master these card magic tricks. Ben has refined the techniques over many years of performing them 'in the trenches', stripping out hard sleight of hand, and reducing the methods to their most direct and visual forms.

Is this suitable to the working professional magician?
Yes! These are not just magic tricks in 'theory' Each one has been developed and perfected in the real world for maximum impact on a spectator and with practical performing considerations central to their construction. 

For TEAR-ibble and TEAR-ific, are the corners left with the spectators at the end of the trick, REALLY the corners from the signed playing cards? 
YES! The corners are REALLY from their signed cards! These are not just close matches, they genuinely are the original corners!

Will I need to use Stooges?
NO! There is no need to use stooges or hidden assistants of any kind for these card magic tricks.

We sent out advance copies to some of our customers and here are just a few of the responses:

"What can I say.. more first class magic from Ben Williams" - H Marcus. Southport

"Received my copy yesterday and have only learnt the first trick. LOVE IT.. I'm planning a 'sicky' off work to study the rest :)" - MagiMark. Kent 

"I was impressed most of all by TEAR-ibble. The moment when the corner disappears from the card right in the hands of the spectator. Very clever thinking. " - Jay. London


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