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The Tarbell Course in Magic by Harlan Tarbell - eBook


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The first and still the best complete correspondence magic course!

Harlan Tarbell's Tarbell System Incorporated. The world's most respected complete course in modern magic.

A tremendously valuable investment, especially at our price as the 8 volume printed version costs over £120!

A wealth of knowledge for magicians of any level. You will learn magic with everything you need to take you from a complete beginner to a master magician.

Tarbel is found in the magic book shelves of almost all the modern greats of magic. A great place to research methods for tricks or to find something that inspires you, as well as great advice and guidance for your progression through the art.


'The content here is simply timeless. Palms, forces, shuffles... all the stuff you need to know. The only thing this book won't do is put in the hard graft so that you can apply the moves consistently and smoothly, but that has always been down to you so stop complaining! Seriously, whatever level of skill you have there is something in here for you in this veritable treasure trove.' - Stuart Adamson

More than 100 detailed lessons in all aspects of magic tricks and magic performance.

Pages: 1243 - 7.25" x 9.75" - Black and white illustrations - PDF FORMAT

This product is a streaming online video.