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Tarot Card Reading by Jonathan Royle Mixed Media - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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Tarot Card Reading & Astrology Related Poems To Help You Easily Become A Master Fortune Teller

Unlock the Secrets: Tarot Mastery with Poetry & Insight

Dive into the mystical world of tarot with our groundbreaking book that bridges the gap between knowledge and intuition!

Unlock the power of the 78 Tarot Cards, learn the art of professional-level readings, and master the poetic language of divination.

Introducing: "The Poetic Tarot" also known as "Mystic Verse: The Tarot Unveiled".

Poems & Mnemonics: Our unique approach combines the magic of poetry and memory aids to effortlessly learn the meanings of all 78 Tarot Cards. Say goodbye to memorization struggles and hello to a poetic journey of enlightenment.

Comprehensive Insights: This 205-page gem doesn't stop at card meanings. Delve into the mysteries of the 12 zodiac signs and how to seamlessly weave their attributes into your readings. Enhance your predictions with the depth of numerology, adding layers of wisdom to your craft.

100 Poems, 100 Revelations: Immerse yourself in over 100 poems that educate, entertain, and enlighten. Each poem is a stepping stone toward mastering tarot interpretation, astrology fusion, and numerology synergy. It's an educational experience that sings!

Mystic Poet's Wisdom: Uncover the enigma behind psychic-style cold reading, where insight meets illusion. Learn the magician's psychology that enhance your accuracy, keeping your clients spellbound by your seemingly supernatural abilities.

Professional-Level Readings: Transform from novice to pro with our guidance on various card layout spreads. The secrets of Celtic Cross, the 12 Card House of Zodiac & the 3 Card Past, Present & Future spreads are revealed, empowering you to provide thorough and meaningful readings.

Journey of Self-Discovery: Embark on a journey that not only unravels the mysteries of tarot but also uncovers your inner intuition. Experience the fusion of symbolism, prose, and magic that turns a simple reading into a life-changing experience.

Wisdom for All: Whether you're a curious seeker, a beginner, or a seasoned reader, "Poetic Tarot" also known as "Mystic Verse: The Tarot Unveiled" is designed to cater to all levels of expertise. It's an inviting space where knowledge meets artistry.

Your Gateway to Mastery: Begin your journey toward tarot mastery, where you'll connect the past, present, and future with poetic grace. Illuminate the path to your highest self and let the cards unveil the wisdom within you.

Discover the enchantment within the pages of "Poetic Tarot" also known as "Mystic Verse: The Tarot Unveiled." Embrace the art, embrace the insight, and embrace the magic. Unleash your potential as a tarot reader and let your intuition soar to new heights!

Open the doors to a world of tarot mastery, one poem at a time.

Amazing value!