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The Peter Turner Mentalism Masterclass Set - Instant Download


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This Package contains Peter Turner's first three volumes of his Mentalism Master Class.

Peter Turner Psychological Card Forces

Teaches you all the nuances of his psychological card forces, and most importantly how to make it hit every time.

In this 42 pages eBook you are going to learn how to force EVERY SINGLE PLAYING CARD just by using words.

Imagine that you are able to force every single playing card without the use of a deck of cards.

But it doesn't stops there.. Peter Turner teaches you complete routines and details on psychological forcing. Peter even teaches you how to force the Joker!

Learn from one of the one of the best mentalist's in the world. In this eBook Peter Turner teaches you so many of his hidden secrets that have never been released anywhere else.

42 Pages eBook Instant Download


Readings by Peter Turner

Peter Turner’s mentalism full tutorial on his Readings Techniques. You will learn how to walk up to somebody and without any gimmicks or props, you are able to give a perfect personality reading to that person. In this eBook you will learn how to do that!

Peter teaches techniques how to do a proper reading, and how to make it as surefire as it can be.

This eBook teaches you techniques of Cold Reading by the master mentalist himself!

Cold reading is a very underused technique that is one of the strongest in the world of mentalism.

Peter offers you complete routines that allow you to practice these techniques without any chance of failure.

60 Pages PDF eBook Instant Download



Billets by Peter Turner

Peter Turner teaches you the easiest and best billet peeks that you can imagine.

Whatever information your spectator writes down you will know it and able the reveal it in any way you want.

Billets is a 76 pages eBook that teaches you the psychology of peeking. It covers a whole range of peeks and routines.

You can make a complete act with just with some billets and a pen. No stone is left unturned in this project. Peter Turner teaches you every details of billet peeking and gives you awesome routines.

Whether you want to use slips of paper or your business cards, you'll find methods and advice in this bumper edition of Peter Turner's mentalism course.

76 Pages PDF Instant Download