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FREE shipping for orders over £40

The Perfect Pen by John Cornelius



Pen through Anything is a CLASSIC of magic created by the genius mind of John Cornelius. It would seem impossible that this perfect illusion could be improved upon... 

Well, leave it to John Cornelius to take his own invention to the next level!

A £10 note is borrowed from a member of the audience. The magician hands them a pen to sign their note and examine if desired (there is nothing in the magician's hands). The magician retrieves the pen and banknote, and without any funny moves whatsoever, proceeds to pierce the £10 with the pen.

The audience can clearly see the pen has penetrated the note. He proceeds to visibly and audibly rip the pen through the £10 note, yet when it's handed back to the spectator, the banknote is unharmed! The pen and the note may then be handed out immediately for complete examination! The pen is 100% examinable!! That's right, Nothing added or taken away!! The Pen may be written with and refilled.

  • Hand out BEFORE AND AFTER!
  • NOTHING to ditch or steal away!
  • Works with ANY banknote
  • SUPER CLEAN handling!
  • SUPERBLY manufactured!
  • Perform ANYWHERE and at ANY TIME!
  • Works perfectly with new UK banknotes

Includes Full Instructional Tutorial with multiple effects and handling!