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The Path Finder Clear Pocket Index Single by Christopher Taylor

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"The most advanced billet index system in the world today"
- Neal Scryer

The pocket index has a long history in magic, but one feature always remained the same: the performer was using it to predict a single piece of information. One playing card. One zodiac sign. One choice. And many amazing routines were performed this way. But we wanted more.

Christopher Taylor's Pathfinder Index System is a radical new approach to the billet index, allowing you to predict up to four pieces of information on a single billet. Predict an endless variety of events with an ease never before possible, in real time, and in any setting- even completely surrounded. And the custom made purpose built index allows you to perform these incredible feats with the ease and confidence you need to offer your very best performance every time.

But the benefits of the new Pathfinder-Clear index don't stop there! Several refinements have been made to the original Pathfinder Index design, including using an easier to use and more durable material, sturdier construction, clear pages for easy billet counting, and other small quality of life improvements that make using Pathfinder-Clear a dream come true. Pathfinder-Clear also comes with new handlings that have evolved over years of practice with the original, new practical performance ready routines, and new online downloadable templates to customize those routines to fit you best.

Here are just some of the possible applications:
  • Force ANY word or item using just a paper list - no phone or app required.
  • Perform a perfect 4-color drawing match without electronics.
  • Predict which time of death is assigned to each of 4 victims with 4 ungimmicked pocket watches,
  • Predict which of 4 people will sit in which chair.
  • Which-Hand with two participants: Predict the location of four coins.
  • Play a tongue-in-cheek game of Homicide, in which your participant accurately matches photos of four killers to their over-the-top favorite weapons.
  • Take a spectator on a magical journey to a movie, concert or event, only for their matching ticket to appear
  • Dozens of other possibilities.
  • Optional accessories available separately.