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The Millionaire Magician by Jonathan Royle - Mixed Media - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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Within the Pages of this direct to the point manuscript, by way of the text and more importantly a grand total of 33 Individual Training videos to which you will be given Private Online Viewing Access to, you will learn a Tried, Tested and Consistently Proven to work Simple Five Step System that has been used to generate Multi Millions of Dollars in profits by those who have used it.

Using this 5 Step System, you could quite literally be earning Thousands of Dollars every night whilst you are sleeping, yes imagine that, going to bed and waking up the next morning to discover you have made several thousand dollars/pounds profits whilst you have been sleeping.

When your able to do this, then in next to no time, you have the potential to become Financially Independent and Secure for life, thus meaning that you will never be reliant on earning money from shows or performing ever again.

This means that you can instantly raise your fees with confidence that you can afford to turn down those who cannot afford to pay you what you are now worth, and also it will mean that you'll have way more money available to you to spend (should you so desire) on employing the services of a Top Public Relations and Publicity Consultant to help catapult you to Stardom and thus increase the demand for and perceived value of your live shows.

Using elements of this system the authors have on occasion, pulled in over $100,000 (£60K+ Sterling) within a single seven day period, and using the system as a whole, have been able to pull in well in excess of $1.2 Million US Dollars with just one or two of their projects alone in a little under 2 years, and these projects were running at the same time as other Profit Producing Multiple Streams of Income.

During the just over 24 Hours of Step By Step Training and Instructional Videos to which you will gain Private Online Viewing Access, you will see proof of these earning figures, plus proof of income generated from other projects using this exact 5 Step Passive Income Profit Producing System.

Then you'll be shown EXACTLY how to set up and operate this Proven System for yourself in the easiest and most effective manner possible.

Step #1: Choose a topic for your product

Step #2: Create your product

Step #3: Build an automated sales process

Step #4: Start driving traffic to the Sales Site

Step #5: Rinse and repeat - (Do it all Again)

Let me assure you, to date, this System has arguably been used by more people who have become Millionaires than any other business plan in any other business arena on the planet.

But then you probably are already aware that the World of Internet Marketing is these days where more Millionaires are made than anywhere else!

And in that regard, when you understand and realize that this is the Ultimate Niche Product Creation and Internet Marketing System put together then tried, tested and proven to work by two Magicians and Hypnotists, namely myself Jonathan Royle and my colleague Robert Temple, you will also then realize how invaluable and truly life changing studying the contents of this package can prove to be for you.

If you've ever dreamed of or desired to have REAL FREEDOM IN LIFE and would like to be able to do whatever you want, whenever you want, wherever you want, with whomever you want without ever being worried or concerned where your next penny is coming from then you owe it to yourself and your loved ones to invest into this course, study all 24+ Hours of video and then put it all into action exactly as taught.

And as a Special Bonus we are also going to include access to some Free Video Training teaching you Royles Proven system for generating TV, Radio, Newspaper and Magazine Interviews and Exposure/Publicity for your Acts, Talents and Shows.

Combine this knowledge with the Freedom and Power that having multiple streams of Passive Income will give you and it would be true to say that it is no exaggeration that Your Wildest Magical Dreams could come true.

As you would expect access to such training videos, and the bonus resources (including well over a dozen ready made products and profit producing websites for you to benefit from) is not going to be cheap.

However for a Limited Time we are Launching this at a tiny fraction of what it is truly worth in order that we can help as many of you to gain true freedom in your Magical Careers.

Pages: 19 - 8.25" x 11.7" - PDF FORMAT (Plus 24+ Hours Of Videos)