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The Magic Book Deluxe (No Slipcase) of Harry Lorayne - Book

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Rare. One of a kind. The Magic Book Deluxe by Harry Lorayne (no slipcase) will NEVER be available again.

Even more rare, you will be one of the few that has Harry's signature on this revolutionary book.

The Magic Book (Deluxe, no slipcase) includes not only incredible in-depth instruction of famous magic tricks (as well as philosophies of magic) in such an easy manner, he makes even the most seemingly complex effects...obtainable.

These one-of-a-kind, publisher version of the The Magic Book were acquired from Louis Falanga's (L&L Publishing) PERSONAL collection.

(Publisher version is where "numbered versions" may actually be labeled with letters instead of numbers, and will vary by book.)

The Magic Book shows you how to take common everyday objects such as a deck of cards, rubber bands, coins and even a potato...and make them magical.

Harry Lorayne was named "The Yoda of Memory Training" and "The World's Foremost Memory-Training Specialist" by Time magazine; in addition to being emulated and awarded as an legendary close-up and card magician.

He earned numerous awards including the Lifetime Achievement Fellowship by the Academy of Magic Arts, the Lifetime Achievement Award by the Society of American Magicians and the Magician of the Year Award by the Society of American Magicians.

Harry was known for his ability to simplify seemingly complex magic tricks into simple step-by-step instruction.

"Harry, you set the bar for me in terms of what is possible and for the excellence that can be reached."
- Michael Vincent

In The Magic Book learn:
  • Controlling the cards order even after being shuffled multiple times
  • Find ANY card in a deck of cards, and then again after being shuffled
  • Pushing a straw through a potato
  • Adding any 5-digit numbers instantly
  • Predicting numbers than ANY spectator will give you
  • Making knots evaporate
  • Making coins pass through a handkerchief