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The King Has Left the Building + Amnesia - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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"An excellent collection of quality close-up magic that I really enjoyed reading. It's a long time since I've been able to say that about a book. Highly recommended." - Peter Duffie

"Jeff’s book is filled with Novel Effects, Superb Presentations, Excellent Prose and Outstanding Illustrations. They say if you find one usable effect in a book, then that book is worth owning… Well, I found four… you do the math." - Doug Conn

The Magic of Jeff Pierce
Includes over 30 routines with cards, rubber bands, lighters, etc.

Thinking Inside the Box - A card merely thought of by your spectator, appears inside the card box sandwiched between two Jokers.

Cash Deposit - A borrowed bill and a bank deposit slip transpose under the spectators nose.

Empowerment - Let your spectator think he's the magician.

Visual Rubber Band Un-Link - A new method of un-linking two rubber bands.

Rubber Band Split - A single rubber band is split into two.

The Shrinking Band - One rubber band shrinks as it is absorbed into another.

The King Has Left The Building... With Amnesia - A two card transposition, Elvis style. v Remote Viewing - The mental image of a selected card is drawn by the performer.

The Card Whisperer - A selected card is cut back into the deck. By simply riffling the deck near his ear, the performer names the position in the deck the selected card lies at.

What's Your Name? - By having a spectator shuffle the deck three times, the performer is able in advance to predict the card the spectator will select.

Light My Fire - The price sticker on a Bic lighter is able to be moved by simply shaking the lighter.

Twisting Dimensions - A twisting routine with a twist. Huh!

An Open Connection - A card is placed face down on the table. The spectator deals cards face up and stops at any time placing one card face down. The two face down cards match.

A Guarded Revelation - Under the fairest conditions, the performer is able to reveal a freely selected card.

The Rule of Three - A three phase version of the Red Hot Mamma Plot.

Two degrees of Separation - Out of This World performed with two spectators at the same time.

Four the Hard Way - A pesky Joker is torn into quarters. Four selected cards are folded into quarters and held by the spectators. Each uses a piece of the torn Joker as magic wand, and when they unfold their selected card, a corner is missing from it. The same corner they now hold in their hands.

Hugs and Kisses - A couple is each given half the deck and a pen. These are placed under the table. Each is asked if they prefer Hugs or Kisses. They in turn write an X or an O on one of the cards they hold. When the two cards are revealed, they are a matching pair.

Paid in full - A classic card effect performed with a stack of bills. You'll be saying "why did'nt I think of that?"

Predict-A-Wave - Nick Trost's 8-card Brainwave plot used to reveal a prediction.

The Worlds Greatest Assistant - The spectator selected a number of random cards from a normal deck. When these are turned over they reveal the name of The Worlds Greatest Assistant. Your spectator.

The Substitute - Find out why Sweet & Low is called a sugar substitute.

The Split Stack - A cyclical stack that looks totally random.

A Lucky Cut and The Match Game - Two ideas revolved around the Split Stack.

Soul mates - A double Triumph when two cards are revealed.

The Double-Jointed Card - Imagine Card Warp, now take some Acid.

Red, Write and Blue - A two-card prediction effect suitable for stage or parlor or close up.

A Hard Habit to Break - A transposition of two vices.

Tomorrows Technology Today - A novel plot for the bill switch with this small addition.







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