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The Impromptu Book Test (IBT) - By Josh Zandman - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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Any Two Books
        Any Place, Any Time
        Completely 100% Truly Impromptu Book Test
       So many possibilities!

You are in someone’s home or if you prefer a library or bookstore. Anywhere. Someone goes and gets any two books. You never see or handle either until the participant puts one in your hands. She keeps the other, which you have NEVER seen or touched. You flip through the pages of your book until she says, "STOP”

This is a free choice, and the participant notes the page number. She goes to that page in her book and remembers a word. The books are exchanged, and the process is repeated. You are immediately able to reveal both words in any way you choose!

Additional Routines & Suggestions By
Richard Osterlind, Greg Arce, Dr Bill Cushman and Andrew Gerard.

Also included is a special bonus routine:
“Watch It!”
Again completely impromptu!
Josh Zandman applies his IBT principles with two borrowed watches.
You and a participant each select a time on a watch and write it down.
The watches are switched, and the process is repeated
. Your times match. Twice.
So strong and yet so easy to perform!


IBT Reviews:

"Josh Zandman's IBT is a clever extension of known principles for the famous David Hoy book test. How wonderful that Hoy's original creation is still going strong after half a century! This latest arrangement would make Hoy smile. I did, and you will too." - Richard Busch

“One of the finest book tests I have seen. Truly impromptu. Any books, anywhere, any time. I have used it in my show and got an excellent response.” - Tony Razzano

1st edition 2006; 26 pages.