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The Graffiti Girl Illusion Plans - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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The magician shows a wheeled base with several folded pieces of framework upon it. He opens the two side pieces and locks them into place. The final piece folds out to be a 6ft high canvas covered easel. A rod is slid between the frame and the sides thus propping the frame up at an angled position. The whole unit is spun to show just the empty framework.

The magician now grabs a can of spray paint and begins to spray a picture on the canvas. The audience can slowly see that he drawing a picture of a girl.

Another can is introduced and he sprays on a different colour for her dress. The whole unit is now revolved again – still an empty framework. The magician takes a marker pen out of his pocket and draws on a face. As soon as this is done he removes the support rod and the whole canvas crashed backwards as your assistant suddenly bursts through the canvas and out of the picture to thunderous applause.

A great cabaret Illusion thats packs down small and plays big - perform virtually surrounded.

Over 64 photos and diagrams

20 A4 Pages


Alex Jesson with the Graffiti Girl Illusion
" I love your illusion plans - they're so simple to follow and build"


These easy step by step plans by Steve Kovarez are the ultimate shortcut for teaching magicians how to build their own props & illusions

1)   Can you tell me how much each illusion will cost to build?
A:   No, each town, area and indeed country will have the raw materials such as wood and aluminium priced differently.

2)   Will you build it for me?
A:    No, we don't currently offer that service. A local carpenter or builder would be a cheaper option for you.

3)   Can you recommend someone to build it for me?
A:    No, Although there are plenty of good builders in each country.... simply search and you'll find one who will give you a quote to build from our plans

4)   Can I build more than one of the same illusion from your plans?
A:   Yes... IF 
they are for your sole use .... NO if you are building it for someone else...the plans you buy entitle you to build one for yourself and the performing rights.